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The Vision Pro headset is perhaps one of the most important steps toward the spatial computing future, with Apple being the only company capable of influencing the masses. However, for users eyeing to get one for themselves, pre-ordering the device is a little difficult. Here is everything you need to know before ordering the Apple Vision Pro.

When do the pre-orders begin?

According to Apple, pre-orders for the Vision Pro will kick off on Friday, Jan. 19, at 5 a.m. PT, and the device will be available for purchase in stores starting February 2nd. However, given reports of limited headset quantities, it’s advisable to place pre-orders on the release day.

How to pre-order the Apple Vision Pro?

Image of a person working in Spatial Computing

Since the headset will need to be custom-made depending on the head size, Apple will use its Face ID technology to capture a facial scan. Therefore, prospective buyers must own an iPhone or iPad with Face ID capabilities, whether opting for online pre-orders or visiting a physical Apple Store. Additionally, users should ensure their App Store is updated to the latest version released on January 11.

What about individuals who wear glasses?

Apple has designed the headset to be worn without glasses, meaning users with a prescription will need to opt-in for the custom ZEISS lenses. During the ordering process, individuals will answer a few questions to determine if optical inserts are necessary. If so, they’ll need to upload a valid prescription from a U.S. eye-care professional after completing the purchase.

However, it is important to note that these custom prescription lenses will cost an additional $149.

What if I don’t own an iPhone or iPad?

Unfortunately, users without a Face ID device may encounter challenges when pre-ordering the Apple Vision Pro. This is because Apple has not mentioned the possibility of pre-ordering through a friend’s phone, so individuals in this situation should consider acquiring a second-hand iPhone before placing their orders.

Apple Store demos

Image of a person watching a documentary with the Apple Vision Pro

For those still contemplating the $3,499 investment, Apple will offer in-store demo sessions starting February 2nd. These sessions will commence at 8 a.m. and will be available “through the weekend on a first-come, first-served basis,” according to Apple.

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